Castle Siege: Patch 1.22 and Battle Chests!

Patch 1.22 will be released February 2nd and we have an exciting new feature coming in the patch- Battle Chests! Battle Chests will reward players with amazing prizes for their hard work in battles.


How it works:

Players can win up to two keys per battle that will open chests filled with prizes. The first key is awarded at 20% destruction of the empire, with a second key is awarded at 60% destruction of the empire.

The battle chests will reset every 24 hours. Each 24 hour period players can earn keys and open up to 9 battle chests.

There are 4 tiers of chests: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Royal- the higher the tier, the better the reward. Which chests you get is randomly determined. Higher tier chests (Gold and Royal) have less chances of showing up. A legend will show how many of each tier of chests you have left to open in your pool for the day.

The battle chests give players the chance to earn resources, loot, honor items and exclusive honor items only available in the chest just for battling in the game.

These exclusive honor items include:


  • A Royal Garden
  • Decorative Cornucopia Table
  • Ancient Ruin
  • Ancient Grave Stone
  • Refreshment Stand
  • Regal Statues
  • Garden Fountain
  • Castle Well
  • Sun Dial Statue
  • Royal Flags

battle chest rewards1 battle chest rewards2


Players should open as many chests as they can during the 24 hours so their keys do not go to waste.


Patch 1.22

  • New Flags:
    • Peru
    • South Africa


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug that showed the game is available on iOS 7. The game is only available for iOS versions 8.0 and newer.
  • Fixed the bug that showed Age 9 castles in the ‘select your civilization’ screen. The screen will now show Age 10 keeps.
  • Fixed the bug where Richards inspire ability did not show an accurate description of his ability. The description now indicates that Richard’s inspire ability effects foot soldiers and not infantry units.
  • Optimized game connection


Good luck!



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