Castle Siege Patch 1.21: Age 10 is here!


Hello Siegers,

Patch 1.21 is here with new features for all players to enjoy! The patch will start to be released October 4th at 10:00 am PST (5:00 PM UTC). It may take time to propagate in your device store. Remember you will not be able to watch replays or revenge when you upgrade to the newest patch.


The game is expanding with a new age, we have reimagined leagues to make them more competitive, and have a new boost players can purchase with gold!


New Features


Age 10

  • A New Age has come to Castle Siege! The upgrades will bring a new golden look to your Empire. As well there is upgrades to:
    • The Keep, upgrade cost 14 days- 3,500,000 wood
    • Upgraded Walls;  5 additional walls
    • Guard House, upgrade cost 12 days- 1,500,000 stone
    • Archer Tower; 1 additional Archer tower, upgrade cost 8 days – 700,000 stone
    • Ballista Tower; 1 additional Ballista tower, upgrade cost 12 days – 1,450,000 stone
    • Musket Tower; 1 additional Musket tower, upgrade cost 12 days – 1,600,000 stone
    • Catapult Emplacement, upgrade cost 10 days – 3,200,000 wood
    • Barracks, upgrade cost 10 days – 2,400,000 food
    • Archery Range, upgrade cost 10 days – 2,400,000 food
    • Stable, upgrade cost 10 days – 2,400,000 food
    • Siege Workshop, upgrade cost 10 days -2,400,000 wood
    • Caltrops, upgrade cost 12 hours, 75,000 food
    • Fire Traps, upgrade cost 2 days – 500,000 wood
    • Engineer Traps, upgrade cost 2 days – 200,000 food
    • The following units: Infantry, Spear Infantry, Raider, Ladder Invader, Archer, Cavalry,Battering Ram,  Siege Tower, Catapult, Trebuchet,  Grenadier


  • A new Festival Market: Players can purchase this boost item to increase their resources any time they wish.




  • Training Scenario Gold: Successfully completing Training Scenarios will now award gold to players. This is a great way to improve your skills and get some additional funds. Everyone can get the new gold reward, even if you already completed the scenarios.


  • League Improvements:
    • Leagues will now reward gold to everyone who participates in the league. 1st  through 3rd place will still earn a higher prize. The higher league you are in, the more gold you will earn so keep climbing the ranks.
    • Adjusted the amount of crowns required for each league. Leagues will now be more competitive.


  • As requested from the community, we changed alliance settings so that Emperors and Lords can delete Wonder announcements. Emperors will now also be able to remove the “alliance settings changed” messaging.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug where a handful of players would get a “purchase failed message” after completing battle or watching a replay. Players will no longer receive this message.
  • Fixed the bug where some players were able to revenge each other continuously to gain an advantage in the game. Players will now only be able to revenge an opponent once.
  • Fixed the bug where Charles Martel’s taunt ability was not working consistently for some players. His ability will now work as intended for all players.
  • Fixed the bug where a few players were getting the incorrect language setting after updating the game. The language setting will now be set to the language on the phone.


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